"Intentionally and consciously craft your life like a beautiful meal." - Robert Pardi

"A-Musing" Cena

Choose, Craft, Create

Have you ever known anyone to not enjoy the smell of garlic simmering, basil being cut, and hearing pasta dancing in water? I want to invite you to participate in what I call A-Musing Cena – cena is Italian for dinner.

​I must thank my mother and my Italian grandmothers for teaching me how to cook. When I first moved to Abruzzo, Italy, where my great grandfather was born, I would host dinners for my expat friends.

​These were not your typical dinners. They included a musing, similar to the one’s I share in book my Possibility in Action©. I would present a topic which we would then discuss and debate while making pasta and drinking different types of local wines from Abruzzo, depending on the season, or course. The menu includes musings and insights for dinner, and Ah-ha's for dessert.

​When you surround yourself with the right group of people and an environment which resonates with you – magic happens. Good pasta and local Abruzzese wine also can’t hurt. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is the quintessential local red wine of Abruzzo. My all-time favorite white from the region is Pecorino, and for a rosé you should try Cerasuolo.

​Since, I have started organizing A-Musing conversations at private parties, retreats, workshops, and corporate functions. This is a unique experience to participate in a facilitated conversation designed to explore fun concepts to shift perspective and shake up habitual thinking - while learning to make a traditional Abruzzese pasta, we chat, discuss, and laugh, all while exploring important life topics through storytelling. The outcome is building community while creating an action plan we can put into practice to live as Possibility in Action™.

You have always had the authority to choose the ingredients for your life's recipe.

​Contact me to organize this type of event.