"Look forward with enthusiasm and curiosity." - Robert Pardi


Grow your life forward with Possibility in Action™

Coaching is a partnership to help you meet your greatness and live a life of success which can only be defined by you, because you are unique. Yet many suffer from complacency or feeling they need to conform, which is corrosive. Yet, it is through gaining clarity around your purpose, eliminating negativity from your life, and having the right tools that you can move from complacency to construction. In turn, achieving your best life. An amazingly gratifying life based upon your definition, your purpose, and your key values.

​Together during our 1:1 sessions, we will work at a significantly profound level with the utmost confidentiality where I will challenge, encourage, and inspire you. We will uncover your driving vision and develop strategies for lasting change. We will identify what life harmony looks like for you and create a customized action plan for what you want to realize.​

I also offer theme based intimate group sessions which are designed to contribute to self-awareness, increase personal responsibility, and lead one towards living an intentional life.

The power of group coaching is in the collective wisdom and incredible energy generated by group members interacting with each other. Group coaching provides an important space for conversation, dialogue, and reflection to achieve shared goals.

​The path to overcoming your old beliefs and limiting behaviors can be challenging, but once you’ve successfully created a new plan of action, the rewards will last a lifetime.

All services require a 20 minute discover coaching session.

One to One


55 minutes via video conferencing

  • Duration: 6 months, 8 sessions

  • This is for those looking for a deep dive

Each client follows the same structure:

  • Month 1: One session per week

  • Months 2-3: One session every other week

One to One


85 minutes via video conferencing

  • Package of 4 sessions

  • Duration: 1 month - one session per week

  • This is for someone who is ready to take immediate committed action

One to One


55 minutes via video conferencing

  • Package of 4 sessions scheduled as needed

  • Sessions expire in one year if not used

  • This is for someone who is looking more for coaching "check-ins"



55 minutes via video conferencing

  • Content: Theme based

  • Duration: 3 months - every other Wednesday

  • Noon Eastern

  • Maximum 10 participants

  • Groups open with a minimum of 4 participants