​"This moment will never come again, embrace it. It is in the moment where we live extraordinary lives." - Robert Pardi

Possibility in Action Retreat APRIL 2023.pdf
Possibility in Action Retreat.pdf

Italian Village Retreat

Puglia, Possibility in Action™, Personal Growth

Exclusive: Maximum eight people, held over five or seven days in Terlizzi, Puglia. Based on my book Chasing Life - these impactful, immersive retreats invites you to learn to craft life intentionally. Taking lessons from A Pimby Tale, and Cornerstone Concepts from Possibility in Action, we observe life from a different vantage point while harnessing the vital concept of play. This retreat gives you the opportunity to share goals, dreams, and desires to spark living as Possibility In Action™. As a group, we will discuss complacency, challenges, and barriers blocking you from where you would like to go. Looking at your life, we will understand where you are spending time wisely and or wastefully. Remember, time is the most limited resource we have and we actually do "spend" it, it is the currency of our lives. In reality, you are the manifestation of time.

​We all have dreams in life, but very few are able to crystalize their aspirations into action. You will find the guidance, motivation, and determination through this workshop to do just that. By the end of the retreat, you will have adopted the mindset of Taking Action and Chasing Life. You will be empowered to live your life on purpose, resulting in your most gratifying life. The program includes:

  • Gratitude

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Life Coaching

  • Outdoor Wellness Hikes

  • Excursions

  • Cooking Class

  • Room and Board

Take a step. Choose transformational travel and embrace Possibility in Action™.

Spring: April 15 -22, 2023 OPEN

Autumn: November 19-26, 2022 SOLD OUT

Ask me about my 14-Day Intensive Life Reimagine - an IMMERSIVE experience where you detox from habitual patterns and live as Possibility In Action™ through our working together 6 days a week, and bathing yourself in small village Italian living. - PRE-INTERVIEW REQUIRED. Max 2 people.