"It is the choices we make that form our destiny and the goal is to make them consciously."

Robert Pardi

"A-Musing" Conversations

Shifting Perspective

A Musing Conversation is based on my book Possibility in Action©.

Why should one ponder new concepts?

Do you feel aimless, or that there should be more to life?

Getting to know who you are, what is important to you, and how you want to live is crucial to consciously living congruent with your values, beliefs, and passions. Living in harmony with your uniqueness fuels joy and enthusiasm for life. The issue is much of the way we live is conditioned from our childhood where our Silly Putty mind was squished onto information, not by our choice. We assimilated the information and operate from a program that may have been outdated at the moment of installation.

The core of these conversations is storytelling. I am not here to teach, instruct, or lecture you. Instead, I view my role as a host, inviting you into my world of Possibility in Action by connecting with you as a friend.

Why storytelling? For starters, storytelling undeniably forges connections among people, and has been happening since the dawn of humankind. Stories are a powerful way of communicating ideas because they tickle our imagination. This helps us gain new perspectives and expand our horizons.

If you research the roots of philosophy, the ancient masters did not say “just read these books and all will improve”. They instead said take this book, devour it, discuss it, take the concepts in it, make them your own and take ACTION. In other words, become Possibility in Action™.

This program, consisting of six session, reviewing musings from my book to:

  • spark new thought patterns

  • stimulate self-reflection

  • heighten awareness, and

  • honor diversity.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in a facilitated conversation designed to explore fun concepts to shift perspective and shake up habitual thinking. To rethink a myriad of accumulated beliefs and add ones by choice. This is not group coaching. It is a forum where, together, we:

  • explore concepts

  • define new definitions

  • cultivate conscious living, and

  • create an plan to take ACTION.

I invite you into the land of Mental Musings. This is not coaching - this is ENGAGEMENT.


Session: 55 minutes via video conferencing.

Duration: 6 Sessions, once a month.