​"You are here to expand your perspective, not limit it." - Robert Pardi

The Concept

Living an intentional life means understanding why and where your energy is being directed. It is understanding boundaries and crafting a life in harmony with one’s uniqueness. This is not something to be taught or to be learned. It only needs to be discovered.

Only when we discover something for ourselves do we really own it, in turn increasing our sense of personal accountability.

"A-Musing" Conversations are based on my book Possibility in Action© and part of the family of Possibility in Action™ experiences. In my book I share musings for self-reflection and awareness. Personally, I live in a world of musings, possibilities, and action. Yet, you might be asking what exactly are musings?

The ancient Greek and Roman writers would often begin their writings by asking for the intervention of the Muses to inspire them and unlock their genius. The Muses were the nine goddesses who presided over learning and the arts. I believe we are here to write the story of our life. Seems appropriate that we should invoke the Muses to unlock our genius, no?

As for genius, how we have gotten it all wrong! The Ancient Romans did not believe genius was gifted to only a certain few. There was no IQ test. They believed that genius was the spark of the divine nature present in each and every one of us. This force, this energy, this spirit – whatever word you would like to use, is ever present. It follows each person from the moment of birth until one’s last breath.

Musings are random metaphors for igniting self-reflection and awareness. They are designed to value our uniqueness, leverage our diversity, move us away from groupthink, and create community.

The programs, each made up of six selected musings, are created to spark new thought patterns. This is a unique experience to participate in a facilitated conversation designed to explore fun concepts to shift perspective, and shake up habitual thinking.

These conversations are NOT group coaching, but a forum where, together, we explore and define concepts in order to create an action plan you can all put into practice.

I invite you into the land of Mental Musings. Let's have FUN!