"Harnessing true diversity, a.k.a. mindset, yields incredible results." - Robert Pardi

Possibility in Action™ is based on the premise that by shifting our mindset, we can use life instead of feeling used by life. It addresses the problem of feeling there is more to life but not understanding what or where that "more" is. It takes possibilities and brings them into reality through action.

While I believe it is important to look at the “why’s” behind our behaviors and reactions – I am not a believer in a long archeological dig into the past. Action, action has always been the key, as preached by the most ancient philosophers.

The idea is to move away from reacting and learn to respond. That requires you to be an observer of your inner world. It means developing self-awareness which increases motivation, being empowered to craft your story in harmony with your uniqueness.

The thing is we have forgotten that our thoughts, emotions, and actions are 100% under our control.

Hybrid Group Coaching Workshop

Hybrid Group Coaching incorporates Possibility Passages which are designed as a series of on-demand, self-paced, micro-learning videos to offer standalone nuggets which are also part of a longer life learning path as Possibility in Action™. I have created these modules to assist in the pursuit of growing your life forward. The concepts highlighted have been learned through personal experience as well as through numerous coaching sessions with clients. The goal is to to shake up habitual thinking, stimulate new perspectives, and spark clarity. In other words, to pave the way for a harmonious, fulfilling life.

Each individual video module is roughly 5 minutes. It will be up to you to contemplate the concepts discussed before the group coaching session begins. During the live sessions we will unpack and build upon ideas, chip away at limiting beliefs, and together create an action plan to grow your life forward.

Contemplate and journal about the following questions upon finishing each module before the first live coaching session

  • What resonated with you? - Why?

  • What did not resonate with you? - Why?

  • What are the key take-a-ways/new insights that you are walking away with?

  • What would you like to do with your new perspective?

  • What is one thing you can do right away?

Structure: Video Modules and 4 55-minute virtual group coaching sessions once a week. Dates can vary. Timing will be at Noon Eastern Time. Group opens at 4 participants.

Essential Living Group Coaching Course

Group coaching is incredibly powerful and effective for people who want to grow their life forward.

We all have a certain amount of learned wisdom that may have become clouded or even buried by limiting beliefs, fears, feelings of aimlessness, being broken, or lost. Group coaching finds its power by being part of a community looking to grow. Realizing you are not the only one and harnessing the wisdom of the group. In other words, group coaching creates a feeling of belonging and support.

Another benefit is found through an increased sense of accountability as you have others depending on your wisdom and input.

Together we work towards a common goal to empower you to live as Possibility in Action™.

Structure: Video Modules and 6 55-minute virtual group coaching sessions held once a week. Dates can vary. Timing will be at Noon Eastern Time. Group opens at 4 participants.