"Life design requires conscious selection and removing the unnecessary." - Robert Pardi

Essentialism Group

Right-size Life

Many people have asked me about my term “right-sizing” life after I walked away from what many would consider the American Dream - a high-powered investment banking job, great New York City apartment, based in Dubai, Travel, 5-Star Hotels.

Well, as many who have listened to my keynote speeches, podcasts, or have read my work know, the journey with my wife toward the end of her life completely changed my perspective. I learned about essentialism, not minimalism.

Now, I am not talking about essentialism based on Plato – but more on the idea of “La Dolce Vita”. The skill to create space to discern, think, ponder, daydream, and play, which, by the way, are some of the healthiest mental activities we can engage in.

There are no ordinary moments in life – are you paying attention to them?

“It is only when we value the ordinary moments that we live an extraordinary life.” – Robert Pardi

Many times, people think that essentialism means missing out on something – that focusing on only what is essential means limiting yourself. At its core it means QUALITY over quantity. Possibility in Action™ is all about living what is the quality life that resonates with your uniqueness.

Have you ever found yourself in situations or with people thinking “what am I doing here?”. I’d argue, in that case, you not only missed out on something else that would have been fulfilling to you, but you wasted precious time.

Have you ever had the feeling of being spread so thin?

Time is our most precious, non-renewable resource. Are you treating it as such?

While my wife and I walked together to her passing, we lived an essential, joyful, fulfilling life. The funny thing is that the lessons we learned are applicable and vital to anyone in any stage in their life.

One of the outcomes of living as Possibility in Action™ is learning to live a life in harmony with the story you want to live, and consciously choosing to participate in what is essential to that story. To value your life is to be selective about where your energy and attention go.

ESNTL, a 6 session course, is now open to a maximum of 10 people. We will meet once a week at noon eastern for 55-minutes via zoom. The goal is to work on understanding and building an essential life. It will require work. This is not your standard coaching course. It’s more about engagement. If you want to do the work and hold yourself accountable, then please contact me. Course opens with four registered participants.


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