"It is the choices we make that form our destiny and the goal is to make them consciously."

Robert Pardi

Groups open with a minimum of 4 people and include four 55-minute virtual group coaching sessions are held once a week - dates can vary.

Reignite Resilience

  • 18 Video Modules

  • 4 55-minute group coaching sessions

Resilience is critical to living as Possibility in Action™ and is being able to not only cope with change, but to harness that change for you. Yet, we have come to believe resilience is only for a select few, but we are all resilience. We just need to understand how to access it.

Igniting your resilience helps diminish feeling overwhelmed and helps you avoid turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms, which many times are out of habit. Resilient people tap into their strengths and support systems to overcome challenges, grow, and bounce beyond that which they thought would crush them. During these modules we walk through understanding change, purpose, perspective, and personal power.

Live Life Forward

  • 15 Video Modules

  • 4 55-minute group coaching sessions

The blinding truth is everyone is touched by some type of loss. There is no place one can hide to escape loss. Yet, loss is all about identity and once we learn to navigate loss, we can live life forward regardless of any perceived set-back.

Loss is a constant of life which inevitably generates a grief response. Understanding how to live life forward with loss of any kind is fundamental to a fulfilling life and a pillar of living as Possibility in Action™ .

During these modules we will discuss how life is really a delicate dance of gains and losses and that it is only when we learn to command: guilt, rumination, impermanence, expectations, and fear that we can live life freely.

This program is for someone who has suffered the loss of a loved one and feels lost in their life.

Lean Into Joy

  • 9 Video Modules

  • 4 55-minute group coaching sessions

Understanding that our natural state is to be joyful stimulates desire and fuels the drive to live in harmony with your uniqueness. Joy always exists, we just need to lean into it. Someone who embraces Possibility in Action™ remains aware of the joy in life.

Joy has been scientifically proven to reduce the negative effects of stress, improve our immune systems, as well as increase the chance of living a longer life. Yet, what we talk about here is learning to recognize that joy is our natural state and is always available, regardless of what we define as difficult moments.

Joy leads to feelings of ease, appreciation, harmony, and meaning.


The world is changing at a pace faster than we could have ever imagined, yet many leadership practices are falling behind. There is a word for something that does not keep pace with evolution - it is decay.

Today's organizations, institutions, schools, businesses, etc., to be truly diverse and inclusive need to walk away from groupthink and create a culture of varied opinions to keep pace with change. This requires building culture from a different perspective, through a facilitated, fun, non-threatening subject where people show up authentic and genuine.

This requires self-awareness. I suggest that today's leaders must be A.G.I.L.E raised to the power of H.

  • Aware

  • Gritty

  • Integrity

  • Leverage Native Genius

  • Emotionally Intelligent

  • Humility