"Look forward with enthusiasm and curiosity."  - Robert Pardi

Are you tired of feeling like there must be more to your life? Do you crave a sense of purpose and direction? Then let's work together to take action and create the life you truly desire. Working with me is about action and that requires you to take responsibility for your life now and from now on. I do not believe in spending time on an archeological dig into your past - but, instead, living life forward.  In other words, "the why for the future outweighs the why of the past."

Coaching with me is not just a product, it's a dynamic experience that focuses on what can be done in the here and now. It is not about fixing - you are not broken. I'm here to challenge, encourage, and inspire you to live intentionally and drive forward towards your goals. It is about discovering, valuing, and leveraging your uniqueness. Your life is your story to write - intentionally! 

​There are moments in life when we may sense that more is possible. Yet, many fall into old patterns that the brain has developed as a means of protecting the familiar. We then suffer from complacency or feeling they need to conform. Both of which are corrosive. Yet, it is through gaining clarity around your purpose, eliminating negativity from your life, and having the right tools that you can move from complacency to intentionality.  In turn, crafting an amazingly gratifying life based upon your definition, your purpose, and your key values.

Together, we'll identify what a harmonious life looks like for you, develop strategies for lasting change, and create a customized action plan using my D.R.I.V.E. methodology. This may be a challenging journey, but the rewards will last a lifetime.

Don't wait until life forces you to question your story. Choose to live intentionally with Possibility in Action™.

Ready? See group and one-to-one offerings below.

Action One-to-One 

This is for someone who wants personalized attention to support their personal growth and development. One-to-one coaching demands the utmost from clients. It requires maximum personal accountability. There is no place to hide in a one-to-one setting. The main benefit of one-to-one coaching is it is more tailored than group sessions as it focuses solely on you. While creating a safe environment is paramount to any coaching methodology, a private setting facilitates taking off your armor in order to openly share your challenges, desires, and fears. 

Don't let your dissatisfaction with life's direction hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards personal growth and success by scheduling a coaching session with me.

One Hour one-to-one sessions via video conferencing 

Package of 9 one-hour sessions

20-minute discovery call required - Book Now

Group Programs

How do you know if group coaching is right for you? Well, if you have tried a variety of personal growth methods on your own which all produced insufficient results - that is your first clue. If you desire to be part of a community of like minded people striving for something more out of life - then group coaching is for you. 

Group coaching is incredibly powerful and effective for people who want to grow their life forward. We all have a certain amount of learned wisdom that may have become clouded or even buried by limiting beliefs, fears, feelings of aimlessness, being broken, or lost. Group coaching leverages the collective wisdom and incredible energy generated by group members interacting to achieve shared goals which, in turn, generates a sense of belonging. This, in turn, increased sense of accountability as you have others depending on your wisdom and input. 

Group Sessions Offered include Intentional Life, and Growth From Grief.

One Hour group sessions via video conferencing 

Intentional Life Program

Do you feel life is consuming you instead of you consuming it?

This group program is for those who know they are living out of alignment, which presents as anxiety, aimlessness, low motivation, or an overall feeling of "dis-ease". This usually comes from a feeling of just surviving, getting through, or going through the motions. It is an autopilot, but you are blind to where the off switch is.

Does this feel like you? Then, read on.

The truth is everything we do is training our mind, creating habits, and coloring how we see and show up in the world.

At the root of living the life you long for starts with defining what quality of life means to you. Through these sessions we investigate mindsets, shift perspective, and implement tools to equip you to rise above complacency.

Who are you – what is your identity? What’s important to you? What motivates you? What core beliefs represent your uniqueness? What brings you fulfilment? How have you been getting in your own way? These are just some of the things we tackle as a group.

At the end of the day, your story has always been yours to write. It is that story which should inspire you daily, stretch your imagination and guide you to move possibility into the reality you live.   

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Grow From Grief Program

Let's just put it out there. Grief sucks! But if you have suffered grief, please know it is not the new definition of who you are. I have been working in grief since 2014 and I can tell you there is a new mosaic to be built from the rubble. I am a living example of it.

So the question is: Without your grief, what would your like look like?

This group program is for those who see an exit but feel stuck in the valley of the shadow of death. This is not for those newly suffering from loss, but for who feel ready to live forward. Who are ready to move away from feeling everything fell apart and want to fall back together, whole but different, into a new mosaic. This does not mean minimizing grief, but harnessing it for growth.

Does this feel like you? Then, read on.

Grief tends to look the same on the outside for almost everyone, but it is what is happening inside that is key.

There is no place one can hide to escape loss. Yet, loss is all about identity and once we learn to navigate loss, we can live life forward regardless of any perceived barriers. Understanding how to grow from and live life forward with loss of any kind is fundamental to living a life where you don't only survive, you thrive.

The reason I created this group is to bring together a community of people who have suffered but want to look forward and rebuild. Together, we will work to empower and equip you piece together your next chapter.

This program starts with two weeks of self-paced preparation. You will receive 15 micro-video modules of 5 minutes or less designed to shift your mindset from grief to growth. Each module comes with a few journaling prompts to prepare you for action when we meet virtually. 

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Everything I do is focused on empowering you to craft your life intentionally. Your life narrative has always been under your control. It is not about what happens in your life but what you do with it.