​"We are meant to use life, not be used by life." - Robert Pardi

Possibility Passages

Ignite Empowerment

Possibility in Action is based on the premise that by shifting our mindset, we can use life instead of feeling used by life.

While I believe it is important to look at the “why’s” behind our behaviors and reactions – I am not a believer in a long archeological dig into the past. Action, action has always been the key, as preached by the most ancient philosophers.

The idea is to move away from reacting and learn to respond. That requires you to be an observer of your inner world. It means developing self-awareness which increases motivation, being empowered to craft your story in harmony with your uniqueness.

The thing is we have forgotten that our thoughts, emotions, and actions are 100% under our control.

These video modules, titled Possibility Passages, are constructed to shake up habitual thinking, stimulate new perspectives, and spark clarity. In other words, to pave the way for a harmonious, fulfilling life.

Each video Passage is roughly 5 minutes and is accompanied by some brief "homework". I suggest savoring your journey by limiting yourself to no more than two passages a week. Access to each passage lasts for 6 months.

Resilience Introduction.mp4

Passage One:


Resilience is critical to being able to not only cope with change, but to remain consistent in the pursuit of your goals. Yet, we have come to believe resilience is only for a select few, but we are all resilience. We just need to understand how to access it. 18 Modules

Joy Introduction.mp4

Passage Two:


Understanding that our natural state is to be joyful stimulates desire and fuels the drive to live in harmony with your uniqueness. Joy always exists, we just need to lean into it. 8 Modules

Loss Introduction.mp4

Passage Three:


The blinding truth is everyone is touched by some type of loss. There is no place one can hide to escape loss. Yet, loss is all about identity and once we learn to navigate loss, we can live life forward regardless of any perceived set-back.

Passage Four:


True leadership does not take place only in a corporate setting. True, authentic leadership is lived in all aspects of life. Leaders lead by example - what Simon does, not says. The title of leader means inspiring others to reach beyond their assumed limitations and unlock their full potential.