"Our perspective is a kaleidoscope, choose the colors wisely." - Robert Pardi

My goal, whether as a Keynote Speaker, Author, or Coach, is to empower, guide, and inspire people to meet their greatness and live what I call Possibility in Action.


Guest Speaking

Turning the Dial of Your Kaleidoscope

I have been globally guest speaking on a variety of topics for more than a decade. Whether about conscious living, the power of choice, resilience, grit, mindfulness, gratitude, joy, living life forward, leadership, palliative care, or end of life, I am able to bring a fresh perspective that is engaging, dynamic, and thought-provoking.

My goal is for my audience to break through blocks, question limiting beliefs, change their mindset, understand they are already resilient, and value their uniqueness. In other words, transformation and live what I call Possibility in Action™.

​It requires shifting one's perspective. Think of perspective as a kaleidoscope that is colored by your thoughts and beliefs. A kaleidoscope allows us to not only see possibilities but understand that new beautiful images can be attained by a slight turn of the dial. Curiosity is what incents us to turn the dial and overcome fear. It opens us to possibilities we never thought existed. We then begin to let go of expectations, attachments, and the unnecessary.

​Guest speaking is not about just delivering a good speech, it is about making an impact. I do this through a combination of insight, humor, and authenticity. I live and practice what I speak about. My audiences experience a radical shift in their thinking and will walk away with a broader perspective.

I am deliberate when choosing topics because my goal is to chip away at generational programming, shake culturescape paradigms, and wake the audience up to a more expansive understanding of life and how they show up in it.

I have appeared on a variety of mediums - from Radio to TV, from Podcasts to Webinars, to live events of all sizes including the prestigious Alexander Ming Fisher Memorial Lecture at Columbia University. I am also an adjunct professor. Please contact me if you are interested in someone who will deliver an authentic, wholehearted, impactful speech to your audience.