Slow Down and Reimagine to Your One Life

My life’s philosophy Possibility in Action™ is all about crafting your life intentionally. It is about discovering and connecting to your values to ensure your ONE life is the story you want to look back on. It is a mindset shift before anything else, fueled by self-awareness.

This all-inclusive*, Reimagine Your Life Private Retreat differs from the 7-day retreat in a few ways.

This is the deep dive. Together, we will be working on chipping away at all the unnecessary in your life. We will look at what are your values and how you can live in harmony. We will work through what has been holding you back. All of this will require you to take full responsibility for your life to date so you can then become the conscious creator of your lived experience.

In addition, you will experience slow living. Basically, that means moving from being busy/chaotic to being full and satisfied.  

Slow living encourages enjoyment of life, a deeper appreciation of sensory experiences, and the ability to live in the present moment by switching off autopilot and make space for reflection and self-awareness.

By slowing down and intentionally crafting your lifestyle in alignment with your uniqueness you will begin to rise above complacency and live a harmonious, full, life. A slow living mindset encourages you to live in self-awareness and make conscious, purposeful decisions.


*Flights and souvenirs not included. Lodging, food, day trips, and transport to and from Pescara Airport or the Train Station in Sulmona are included.