"We are meant to live life, not watch it pass us by." - Robert Pardi

If you decide to work with me, know I am direct. While we will acknowledge your past, we will not do the "woe is me". We will do the "wow is me"! It is what you do NOW that determines your future - let's make it "wow".

Why live as Possibility in Action™?

Life ends, it's just that simple. This is your shot. You are meant to live your life regardless of obstacles. Don't let obstacles make decisions for you. Are you feeling stuck, hopeless, aimless, or dissatisfied with your life's direction? Are you constantly thinking "as soon as" I have this or that, I will finally be able to live my life? If so, read on.

Possibility in Action™ was developed through lived experience. It fuels intentional living which starts with you accepting responsibility for your life. It is understanding that if you do not wake up and live life on purpose you are bound to feel that life is happening to you. In other words, Possibility in Action™ increases your sense of personal power (or Agency) and shifts your perspective to life happening for you.

The concept is rather straightforward. Choose consciously and make decisions intentionally. Only then can you become the conscious creator of your lived experience. Result: escaping a conformative lifestyle.

It is the breaking out of habitual thinking that makes it awkward and difficult at first. Hence, the need for someone to guide you through the process because it requires you to be clear on your life vision, values, and defining what a life well lived means to you. You have always had the power to design your life. It is not about the circumstances that occur, it is about what you do with them.

Think of it this way, you are a sculptor, and your life is a block of marble. A sculptor does not just pick up the chisel and strike the block randomly. No. A sculptor intentionally thinks about how each strike will create a masterpiece.

Now here is the kicker. You can never finish the sculpture because of something most of us do not want to hear. We all have a terminal disease. There is one final stop on this train ride of life. Because we do not know when our time is up, Possibility in Action™ is first and foremost about understanding the law of impermanence, and finding joy is in the crafting rather than in the finished product. It is understanding the present moment is where life truly exists and that the dance between attachment and avoidance must end. 

This does not mean that everything is then all rainbows and unicorns. Far from it. Yet, it does mean moving from feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, anguish or feeling stuck to being the adventurer in your life. In other words, moving from complacency to thriving through work!

I know it's possible because I did it! Watch this YouTube short.