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"Wake up and live your life on purpose" - Robert Pardi

Your Life, Reimagined Chasing Life The Book Robert Pardi

You can achieve your vision, and with my life experiences, comprehensive training, and vast coaching tools I can help.  You will be immersed in a holistic method that is both belief and behavior-based so you can hone the skills and mindset necessary to achieve your best life and live what I call "possibility in action". I am here to help you, as I am passionate about coaching, but more importantly - I have walked the walk, been walking the walk, and will continue to do so.  I believe there is nothing more satisfying than growing and achieving and, I want the same for you.


My Story

My journey starts with having had an extremely difficult relationship with my father.  Feeling trapped as a child, I continuously fantasized, by drawing the doodle that is now my logo, that there might be an alternative universe where I could escape.  Thankfully, this dysfunctional relationship taught me early on to search for things I could do to better my life.  It also provided me with invaluable life skills including; resilience, determination, imagination, flexibility, and insightfulness  - all eventually merging into my life philosophy of #possibilityinaction

Concurrently, I developed a belief that money could liberate me, which led me to major in Economics. It was in college that I met Desiree, the woman I would marry.  Shortly after, we encountered financial problems.  Yet, through determination, we built an incredible life together.  After receiving my MBA from Columbia University, I was recruited by one of the most prestigious sovereign wealth funds in the world and was off to Abu Dhabi.  It was also around that time when I began to question my blind ambition for money.  My wife and I decided that after she would graduate from her combined MD/Ph.D. program, I would go back to school to pursue what I defined as “something more meaningful”. 

That was 1997, the same year Desiree was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. She was 30 years old and fought valiantly for 11 years during which I willingly took on the role of caregiver. The need to stay in Finance at that point far outweighed my desire to change careers.  Life became my schooling, and continued to teach me a tremendous amount about Psychology and Coaching through practical and hard experience.  I became her coach and despite her illness, we created an amazing life.  Her journey was covered in a front-page article in the New York Times after she passed in 2009.  Chasing Life is the memoir dedicated to Desiree.

At that point, I lost all concepts of purpose, direction, and reasons to live after her death.  I contemplated taking horrible action.  I numbed where I could.  I returned to Dubai but felt completely lost.  Then one day, a dream started to emerge.  I had always wanted to live in Italy.  Rome was where my wife and I spent her last birthday, and though the pain of returning was crippling something pushed me to make the move.  Eventually, one day, I gave up the amazing life in Dubai, the money, the security, my community, and I moved to Rome without a job, community, or being able to speak Italian.  Yet, instead of taking a constructive path, I lived a few “life is too short” years and took the route of living recklessly. 


Gratefully, I felt the nudge that I was off-track and remembered I had wanted something more - but I felt stuck, I needed help.  That's when I turned to a Life Coach, Antonio, who has been at my side ever since.  Slowly, I redesigned my life and reconnected to my true self and heartfelt desires.  I returned to school to do something “more meaningful”.  I enthusiastically hit the books and proudly became a certified life coach in 2014.  I am also a thought-provoking international speaker discussing the power of choice, the importance of resilience, grit, joy, and how to live life on purpose.  In 2021 I published my first book, Chasing Life - The remarkable true story of love, joy, and achievement against all odds.


“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ― Nelson Mandela


What is Coaching

Many things lead people to look for a coach, such as a dramatic shift in their worldview, a distressing dilemma in their life, a yearning for change, a desire to live differently, or a feeling of continually holding your breath.  In the end, it is all tied to one thing, achieving a goal to do, have, or be better.  Coaching is an Art and Science all rolled into one.  It is not a product, but an experience.  It is a dynamic process that is different from traditional therapy as it focuses on what can be done in the here and now. It is not about fixing you but discovering and valuing your uniqueness.

There are moments in life when we may sense that more is possible. Yet, most people fall into old patterns that the brain has developed as a means of protecting the familiar, the status quo.  Getting out of our comfort zone is moving into the unknown and a coach, serving as both a catalyst and guide, helps clients navigate their new terrain. 

Together, we will investigate the past to gain understanding, but the goal is to leverage your inherent strengths to propel you forward into your vision.  Think about it: companies have a vision statement and so should we, but a lot of the time we don’t define it for ourselves but instead assimilate other’s beliefs, which over time lead us to a feeling of dissatisfaction with “something” in our lives. A fulfilling life is based upon expressing who you are and living according to your core values.  This is where I will take you.  In other words, living fully!


The truth is we talk ourselves into everything in our lives, either consciously or unconsciously.  Are you ready to build your life consciously?  There is no perfect starting point, there is only action!

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching is designed to understand self-talk while guiding you to design and live your best life possible in a safe non-judgmental environment.  Coaching respects individuality by understanding we are all unique and your “best life” is exclusively your creation. 


Think about your best life possible and say to yourself: “what if I can really pull it off?”  Feels good, right?  Through coaching you will:

  • Gain important insights and perspectives

  • Clarify what you really want

  • Identify your key “north-star” values

  • Understand and overcome patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that have been blocking you

  • Uncover innate strengths

  • Reconnect with your authentic self

  • Define new strategies and direction

  • Take greater responsibility in designing of your life

  • Be held accountable for actions and commitments

  • Become more self-reliant

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Unlock potential

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase motivation and positivity

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Are you ready for change?  Have you felt a nudge that things are not the way you would want them to be? Together we can reveal the real vision for your life, awaken your hidden strengths and initiate real change that will be the difference between dreaming it and living it!



“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way” - Henry David Thoreau

First, the main drivers of successful coaching are the willingness of the client to be committed, honest, vulnerable, and open to change.  The process requires the coach to utilize intuition, curiosity, and empathy as well as a range of tools and training to challenge the blocks that have been stopping you from getting to the life you want. The power of transformation lies in the conversation.  You will find that I follow a fluid holistic process based on a variety of different coaching methodologies designed to create very practicable/doable strategies that will D.R.I.V.E you to real lasting results.  It's time for you to take the wheel.

D: Discover

This is a period of investigation where we will define your goals and your “north-star” values while uncovering your limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns.

R: Reflect

We evaluate your resolve and resilience and reveal unreal truths and culturescape mentalities embedded in the way you have been looking at life and holding on to things.  We will recognize your inherent strengths which will propel you forward.

I: Impact

This is where we will really get our hands dirty and dive deep into inner work.  Time to start getting rid of all the junk that is totally useless, and move forward in a state of flow and inspiration.  We will invite and implement change.  We will use insights to make that change long-lasting and ensure your life moves in the direction you have always wanted to go.

V: Validate

Here is when we look at the work we have done.  We ensure your plan of action is both stimulating and achievable.  We verify the direction you are about to embark upon, your commitment, your skills, and we stand vigilant against those old behaviors which might rear their ugly heads.

E. Execute

This is the stage of action and empowerment to evoke transformation.  You will be building your new life and moving forward toward your goal.  Here, you are possibility in action.  You will elevate your abilities and effect change while enforcing your beliefs and values, which are in direct harmony with your authentic self. 

Would you like to DRIVE confidently forward in the direction of your dream life?  Would you like to serve that part of you longing to go forward, to experience life to its fullest? 

Together we will create an environment where you achieve clarity, find inspiration, and develop the determination to tackle issues and enact change.  If this sounds like what you are looking for, then take the first step and book your discovery call. 


"Live as possibility in action" - Robert Pardi



Drive Forward

Coaching is a partnership to help you reach your potential across many or all facets of life.  Happiness, fulfillment, or success are defined differently for each of us.  Complacency, on the other hand, is the same for each of us.  It is corrosive.  Yet, it is through gaining clarity around your purpose, eliminating negativity from your life, and having the right tools that you can move from complacency to constructive.  In turn, achieving your best life.  An amazingly gratifying life based upon meaning and purpose in alignment with your key values.

Together we will work at a significantly profound level with the utmost confidentiality where I will challenge, encourage, and inspire you. We will uncover your driving vision, define your goal(s), and develop strategies for lasting change.  We will identify what balance looks like for you and define a customized action plan for who you are, where you are in your life now, and what you want to realize.  

Do you believe that living your dream for the rest of your life is worth pursuing? The path to overcoming your old beliefs and limiting behaviors can be challenging, but once you’ve
successfully created a new plan of action, the rewards will last a lifetime.

Session: 60 minutes via video conferencing 

Duration: Minimum of 3 months*


*A study by the University of London (Lally et al. 2009) demonstrated that it takes on average a minimum of 66 days to change behavior.  

Italian Retreat, Abruzzo


Embrace Transformation

Maximum seven people, held over five days every, once a month between April to October in Pacentro, Abruzzo.  Based on my book "Chasing Life" - this retreat invites you to observe your life from a different vantage point and gives you the opportunity to share goals, dreams, and desires.  As a group, we will discuss complacency, challenges, and barriers blocking you from where you would like to go.  Looking at your life, we will understand where you are spending time wisely and wasting time. Remember, time is the most limited resource we have and we actually do "spend" it, it is the currency of our lives.

"This moment will never come again, embrace it.  It is in the moment where we live extraordinary lives" - Robert Pardi

We all have dreams in life, but very few are able to crystalize their aspirations into action.  You will find the guidance, motivation, and determination through this workshop to do just that. By the end of the retreat, you will have adopted the mindset of "possibility in action".  You will be empowered to "live your life on purpose", resulting in your most gratifying life.  The program includes:


  • Gratitude

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Life Coaching

  • Outdoor Wellness Hikes

  • Excursions

  • Cooking Class

  • Room and Board

Ask me about my 21-Day Intensive Life Redesign where you will live like a local in Pacentro while deconstructing old programming.  Max 2 people

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Guest Speaking

Shift Paradigms

I have been guest speaking on a variety of topics for over 10 years.  Whether it be life design, the power of choice, resilience, grit, mindfulness, gratitude, joy, loss, leadership, palliative care, or end of life, I am able to bring a fresh perspective that is engaging, dynamic, and thought-provoking.


Guest speaking is not about just delivering a good speech, it is about making an impact.  It is about creating a radical shift in the audience and helping people gain a broader perspective.  I am deliberate when choosing topics because my goal is to chip away at generational programming, shake culturescape paradigms, and wake the audience up to a more expansive understanding of life and how they show up in it.


I have been fortunate to present through a variety of mediums - from Radio to TV, from Podcasts to Webinars, and to live events of all sizes.  Please contact me if you are interested in someone who will deliver an authentic, wholehearted, impactful speech to your audience.  


Schedule a Discovery Call

The future depends on what you do today. – Mahatma Gandhi


There is never a perfect starting point, there is only action. Remember Life Coaching is an investment in yourself that will produce benefits throughout your entire life.  Ask yourself: “Am I ready to finally invest in myself?” 


There are moments in life when we sense more is possible.  If you have that sensation and are ready to make a change, let's chat about if we are a fit and how I could help you achieve your goals.  

"We are meant to live life, not watch it pass us by." - Robert Pardi

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