"When you take control of the pen you get to write the ending." - Robert Pardi

My journey starts with an extremely difficult relationship with my alcoholic father. Feeling trapped, I continuously fantasized, by drawing the doodle that is now my logo, representing an alternative universe, past some point, which I longed to escape to. Yet, my upbringing taught me essential life, laying the foundation for my philosophy called Possibility in Action®

Later, in college, I met Desiree, the remarkable woman who became my wife. Unfortunately, while at the height of our everything, a few weeks before she turned thirty-one, Desiree was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. I willingly took on the role of caregiver during the eleven years she journeyed with terminal breast cancer, eventually having to leave work.  Her story, as her choices, were unique and covered in a front-page article in the New York Times after she passed. Chasing Life, my first book, is the memoir I dedicated to my Desiree.

It was in those years that I unknowingly became her life coach – leveraging the life skills I learned as a child while life continued to provide a crash course in Psychology and Coaching, resulting in learned wisdom. This allowed us to live in a state of joy regardless of adversity. 

However, after her death, I lost all sense of meaning. I numbed where I could. I returned to my finance job in Dubai as we had exhausted every cent of our savings during her eleven-year journey with cancer. My primary thought was, if someone wants this life, have at it but it's not for me.

Luckily, my innate desire for intentional transformation did not abandon me. A dream started to emerge. I had always wanted to live in Italy. So, one day I decided to take the leap. I gave up the amazing life in Dubai - the money, security, community, and moved to Rome without a job, community, or being able to speak Italian. I started teaching English for €8 an hour as an investment, not a sacrifice, to build my reimagined life.

I actively and intentionally redesigned my life, aspiring for the same transformation for you. I reconnected with my personal power, embraced life's wonders, challenged limiting beliefs, and reshaped my career, becoming a certified life coach, adjunct professor, and international speaker. Since, I've fulfilled other dreams of authoring books and hosting intimate personal growth retreats in Italy.

Trust me, living intentionally through identity shifting allows you to craft the story you want to look back on. Your turn to become the conscious creator of your own experience. 

Live life consciously.

Choice leads to decisions.

Decisions lead to destiny.