"When you take control of the pen you get to write the ending." 

My journey started from a shit relationship with my alcoholic father - a place of uncertainty and fear that fueled my yearning for escape. By repeatedly sketching the doodle that now symbolizes my brand, I daydreamed of an alternate reality where life was good. These early struggles, for which I am forever grateful, became the backbone of my philosophy: Possibility in Action® - a testament to the transformative power within us all.


Enter Desiree, the love of my life, whose radiant presence illuminated every corner of my existence. Yet, at the height of our everything she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Her 11-year journey, which was chronicled on the front-page of the New York Times, changed my entire being. Chasing Life, my memoir honoring her legacy, stands as a testament to love and the conscious decision to craft a life of joy amidst life's harshest trials.

In caring for her, I inadvertently became her life coach, drawing upon lessons learned in the bootcamp of my childhood and life's unrelenting lessons in psychology and coaching.


Yet, her passing plunged me into a void. I lost all sense of meaning. I numbed where I could. I returned to my finance job in Dubai as we had exhausted every cent of our savings. My constant thought was, F*ck, if someone wants this life, have at it, but it's not for me.


Luckily, my innate desire for intentional transformation did not abandon me. A dream started to emerge. I had always wanted to live in Italy, so one day I decided to take the leap. I gave it all up: the amazing lifestyle in Dubai, the money, security, community, and moved to Rome without a job, home, community, or being able to speak Italian. I started teaching English for €8 an hour as an investment, not a sacrifice, to build my reimagined life.

I learned that the unyielding determination to reconstruct one’s life is available to all of us. It’s never been about money, but mindset - which requires us to get out of our own way. 

And so, I reconstructed my life - drawing strength from the very essence of my being, challenging boundaries, deconstructing limiting beliefs, and reshaping my identity and destiny. Today, as a certified life coach, author, educator, and global speaker, I've realized unimaginable dreams - a testament to the boundless potential within us all.


My journey isn't just a narrative; it's an invitation - a call to rediscover your power, embrace life's wonders, challenge limitations, and script your own transformation. 

If I could - so can you!

Let this story be your compass, guiding you toward intentional reinvention - evidence that within every challenge lies an opportunity for profound metamorphosis.

Trust me, living intentionally through identity shifting allows you to craft the story you want to look back on. 

Don't believe the bullshit excuses your mind whispers to you. Live boldly!

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