Reignite your curiosity and wonder for life to imagine new possibilities 

A Pimby Tale

Adventures into Imagination

This is a story for anyone at any age and at any stage in their life.  It is to bring us back to play. It is for those who want to grow and transform by losing themselves in wonder and curiosity.  It is for those who want to reconnect to their imagination and childlike enthusiasm.

The story of Johnny and Filbert is one of awakening.  It is a journey into the land of imagination and possibility.   Filbert, a magical being called a PIMBY, stretches Johnny to see things differently.  A PIMBY is a combination of Possibility, Imagination, Magic, Believing, and YOU.  It asks the reader to embrace a beginner's mind and open oneself to questioning beliefs, which many times are limiting.

Filbert arrives in Johnny's life shortly before his ninth birthday.  Upon his arrival, he explains he is charged with guiding Johnny through various important life lessons.  Filbert tells Johnny, "We come to guide all of you when you are young, but sadly, many people forget about our visit."  Yet, it is Johnny who must first grant Filbert permission to change his perspective.  

Together they embark on a series of transformative adventures.  Will Johnny surrender his need to understand everything and trust Filbert?  Will these learnings last?  Will Johnny, by his ninth birthday, see things differently?  Well, that is for the reader to discover.  

In the Spirit of Play

A child’s world is one of curiosity, optimism, wonder, creativity, and unreserved enthusiasm. It's a world where there are no ordinary moments, where each moment is infused with uninhibited joy, playfulness, and living wholeheartedly.

Yet, all too often, as one “grows up” they burden themselves with a mindset of responsibilities, obligations, and behaviors they equate with being “an adult.” Life then becomes less fun and more of a struggle, a competition, and a never-ending to-do list. In turn, that precious connection to their inner child, who once had big dreams and joy, is severed.

As adults, we tend to let the spark of childlike enthusiasm go out. Yet, it is our duty to keep our inner child alive and present. Today there is substantial research supporting the importance of such a mindset. 

Play is vital for our mental and physical wellbeing – it is that simple. 

We no longer live in an information age, but an input age. We are bombarded with input. However, by reconnecting to your uncomplicated inner child you will naturally tune out unnecessary inputs and reinfuse your life with what Einstein called “a childlike inclination for play”.

A Pimby Tale, a book my inner child wanted to write, was written in the spirit of play. It's a whimsical tale of transformation and reconnecting to the wonder and magic in life, guiding the reader to not lose sight of Possibilities, Imagination, Magic, Believing, and You. 

As Filbert said, “Most people, as they get older, let their light go out, but for you, as you have been connecting to your imagination, the light is beginning to shine.”

Join me in the magical land of PIMBIES.