"We are meant to live life, not watch it pass us by." - Robert Pardi


This moment will never come again - what do you plan to do about it?

Robert Pardi

There is never a perfect starting point, there is only action. A sculptor has to eventually take a chisel in hand and start sculpting. The same is for crafting a life consciously.

There are moments in life when we sense more is possible. If you have that sensation and are ready to make a change, let's chat about if we are a fit and how I could help you cultivate a Possibility in Action™ mindset and achieve your goals..

Change is but a call to take action and evolve. It is a Call to Harness Awareness and Nurture Grit for Evolution.

Robert Pardi is a three-time Author, well-known compelling International Keynote Speaker, Transformational Life Coach, and Adjunct Professor.

After his young wife passed away from metastatic breast cancer, Robert reimagined his life and decided to leave the world of finance in order to share the many lessons he learned throughout his life's journey. This journey included intentionally crafting the next chapter of his life by dismantling limiting beliefs, interrupting habitual thinking, understanding the story he wanted to look back on, and realizing it is in taking the chance where all our power lies. There is never a right moment - there is only this moment.

Robert has an MBA in finance from Columbia University. Prior to his dramatic life change, Robert was a Senior Portfolio Manager for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Co-Founder and C.O.O. of Evolvence Capital, and mentor to many young business executives. He has lived in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Rome, and now lives in Abruzzo, Italy

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