Possibility in Action

A Journey to an Intentional Life

I had always thought how nice it would have been if someone I admired handed me a handbook with all the essential topics on how to live a great life. Better, it would have been amazing if it was in a “how-to” format. Then, as I journeyed along, I realized such a book would not only be impossible, but not even useful because what worked for others would not work for me. In truth, there can be no one set of instructions that will work for every single one of us, because we are each unique. What is needed is to learn – or better – remember who we are, and that means bringing awareness to how we think.

I was compelled to write this book to share moments of reflection I’ve experienced. I call them musings. Pondering concepts similar to these led me to those wonderful Ah-ha moments that helped wake me up to living my life authentically. I realized curiosity is the key to transformation.