"Look forward with enthusiasm and curiosity." 


One-to-One coaching is open exclusively for MEN. 

There is a journal coaching program below which is open to everyone. 

Now, my coaching is crafted as a catalyst for change and designed to empower you to live life your way. It goes far beyond traditional personal growth and self-improvement ideas. 

But listen, before going forward - let's get something straight - you are not broken and don't need to be fixed. I don't fix - I empower. This is for those who want transformation - not a "tweak". If you want to grow - read on.

The core of my process involves future vision casting combined with identity shifting, challenging the notion that your identity is fixed. 

Now, while we'll certainly address your pain points, I won't applaud "woe is me" thinking, victimhood, or glorify struggle. 

Don't expect pats on the back or my waving pom-poms for you. Instead, expect shoves forward. Listen, discomfort is inevitable, but the key is making sure it's worth it.

I also do not believe in wasting time on an archeological dig into your past - but, instead, living life forward.  In other words, "the why for the future outweighs the why of the past."

Therefore, I am going to challenge you to move forward, take action, and accept responsibility for who you want to become, and the story you want to look back on. In other words, move you to wow is me living so live as Possibility in Action®

Rather than offering a set number of sessions, we shape the plan after our initial call.  

NOTE: There is no 1:1 availability until MID SEPT 2024 - I'm here until then (reimagined life and all). Something possible for you!!!. 😉

Now, as a believer in autonomy, flexibility, and that being the master of our time is the ultimate measure of success, expect to be offered individual coaching over messaging - which is open to everyone. I know, the idea of journaling is not for everyone. But, you know what? Not only is it highly effective, but it also allows for autonomy and introspection without fixed appointments. It's also more economical with much more availability. And the great thing? You have a written self-manual to refer back to at the end of our time together.