"Move from survival through evolution to thriving.

You have to realize that changing your life is not the flip of a switch – it is lifelong learning.

It’s like a video game, acquiring skills so you can get to the next level and sometimes it sucks.

See, you need to zoom out and observe, to learn about yourself, and to approach life as a researcher to get out of your own way. 

My workshops were born from my own journey of overcoming hurdles, reimagining life, and daring to live unimaginable dreams.

Yes, I have achieved those dreams. I now live in Puglia, Italy, near the sea. I've created a successful personal brand. I live a full life despite my wife having died in my arms. And you know what? Now, there are new dreams and desires for personal growth and self-discovery.

Here is the thing – it’s an upward spiral

Personal growth is a lifestyle. Life is a series of habits. If you want some hack - you'll need to look somewhere else.

If you are looking for a magic potion - go to a carnival fortune teller.

If you want to move from surviving - through evolution - to thriving - continue reading. 

Benefits You'll Experience:

Listen, no one can do it for you. I am here to give you the tools, but you will eventually have to pick them up and start building the new you, your new life, and whatever else you want.

It’s about you becoming the architect of your destiny.