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My speaking engagements are not just about motivating an audience; they're a call to action. I am an advocate and example of the power of identity shifting, escaping conformity, and reimagining life with intention. My goal is to help individuals and groups break free from the constraints of their past and envision a life aligned with their authenticity. 

I bring a distinctive perspective and a wealth of lived experiences to every speaking engagement. My engaging style seamlessly blends relatability, wisdom, and humor, resulting in impactful speeches that weave together storytelling, actionable insights, and interactive participation, leaving audiences with an unforgettable experience. You can check out my YouTube channel or Press section to see my style.

About Me

I am widely recognized for my unique life philosophy of Possibility in Action®. My journey from the corporate world to intentional living in Italy, coupled with my MBA from Columbia University, has cemented my position as a distinctive voice within the personal growth landscape. My radical life transformation, ignited by accompanying my young wife through her 11-year journey with metastatic breast cancer to her passing, epitomizes an inspiring odyssey of courage, self-discovery, and profound transformation. These life experiences, interwoven with my philosophy have resonated with countless individuals, empowering them to challenge the status quo and embrace the extraordinary heights of excellence. 

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I bring relevant, thought-provoking presentations that ignite transformation and empower audiences. 

By showing up authentically, unfiltered, and mining my learned wisdom, I deliver thought-provoking presentations leave a lasting impact and inspire positive change.

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