“Nothing will change until you take action to change your approach to life.” 



Private/Corporate Groups


PRICE: €2500/Person

Group Size

To ensure an intimate and impactful experience, group size is limited to no more than 10 people.


Terlizzi, Puglia, Italy

Transport to and from the Bari Airport or Barletta or Molfetta Train Stations are included.

Personal Growth in Puglia

Bring your group to Italy. 

Welcome to an extraordinary, all-inclusive* 7-day retreat experience (featured in Italo Americano) brought to you by Possibility in Action®. *flights and souvenirs not included. 

This is for those who feel they are not living the life they want!

Open exclusively to your pre-existing groups (minimum 6 people), whether composed of friends, caregivers, widow(er)s, corporate executives, or any other. The retreat focus can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

Drawing from my personal experiences as well as the life lessons highlighted in my books, this retreat offers a unique chance to explore your goals, dreams, and dismantle barriers between you and your desired lived experience. This is fueled through reclaiming your personal power. 


Remember, transformation is a gradual journey, not a sudden change. As I say all the time, "Michelangelo did not hit the block of marble once, and poof, there was David. His joy came from being the sculptor, shaping a masterpiece over time."

If you think your group would be interested, take a look below at the itinerary. 

La Dolce Vita

Shifted Mindset

DAY 1 - Saturday, Welcome to Puglia

The Villa offers 7 Double-bedded rooms and 1 Twin room, each with a private bathroom.

You will be invited to our welcome dinner where we will all share stories of what has brought us to where we are in our lives today. We will also dive into our first discussion of making limoncello out of lemons.

Sample Itinerary

Each day starts with a traditional Italian breakfast, morning meditation and discussion to frame the intention for the day. We will then visit a spectacular location which represents a metaphor for a deeper dive into the topic of the day. This will be followed by a delicious lunch. Upon returning to the Villa, we will enjoy a delightful aperitivo and tie up our topic for the day. Dinner is always served at the Villa (prepare to make pasta and pizza).   

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Testimonial Missi 

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